How to grow opt-in email subscriber list?

Building an email list that is an opt-in list can be simple but time-consuming, considering that you only have genuine subscribers list and not that is bought. There are quite a few ways a company can build email lists. 

10 ways to build Opt-ins: Opt-in Email Lists can be built for your Email Marketing strategy to work and the answer to your question how to do email marketing

  1. Contact Form: Add Contact Form on Website Contact Page, so that any person writing a query or contacting for the enquiry will leave their email address. Once you get the email, you can send a welcome mail with a confirmation subscribe link for them to continue receiving emails from you, so you will have a double opt-in list. If not they will not click the link or may unsubscribe themselves from it. 

  1. Chat BotInstalling an online chatbot or service on your website, gives you easy access to people who are online or have left a message. In the chat welcome message you can request for their email address if they want a reply from you. Once you have their email address, you can send them a welcome email for them to confirm to be part of your double opt-in mailing list. 

  1. Subscribe box: Having a subscribe box at the end or top of every page on your website too, lets you collect email lists. This is one of the most efficient and underrated Email marketing software tools

  1. Customers: Not all customers become part of your email list. Only customers who purchased products and services from your website or from your office directly and have agreed to be part of your list qualify for your email list. You can motivate your customers to join your email list by giving a discount on their purchase. For example “get a 5% more discount if you subscribe for our mailing list”. But, here the only catch is that your customer could buy your product and agree to be part of your list, but later unsubscribe. 

  1. Social MediaPeople who follow your social media pages and have come to the website from your pages, have agreed to be part of your email list. Share your product promotions on all your social media pages. This can create a lot of interest in your products and website. 

  1. Welcome, Email ContentThe welcome email that you compose must have incredible content to attract your readers to subscribe for your emails. Create emails using pre-built email marketing templates that can be customized. 

  1. Social Sharing and Friend ForwardingIncluding social sharing buttons and forwarding a friend option in your welcome emails, let your reader share your emails further. 

  1. Offer a discountIn the welcome email offering a discount for sharing your emails and subscribing for your emails gives your readers an added boost of encouragement to forward your emails. 

  1. Adding email subscription linkEvery official email, including the ones sent by your employees that leaves your office, must have an email subscription link. You never know who may click it and become a potential lead. 

  1. Use PinterestMany bulk email marketing companies may not know the usefulness of Pinterest images. Creating attractive infographics and clickable images that take the user to your website helps you to attract the right and targeted traffic to your website. 

Apart from the above Email Marketing tips, you can use Email marketing services and solutions by Alpha Sandesh will give direction to your Email Marketing efforts.

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