How to get more email subscribers? was a daunting question when Alpha InfoLab, Inc. launched its new portal,, our Digital Marketing Team brainstormed and decided that we will send targeted campaign newsletters to get more email subscribers.

At Alpha InfoLab, we use our in-house Email Marketing service, Alpha Sandesh, which includes the email marketing software, Garuda.

We found that when we started sending the website launch emails designed like a newsletter:

  • We received more inquiries about the portal

  • We had more engagement

  • Traffic to the new website grew

  • We created brand awareness

  • Recipients were prompted to start a dialogue with us

  • Email forwarding grew, in turn, more subscribers, this solved another question, ‘How to get more newsletter subscribers?

How did our Digital Marketing specialists go about doing this task?

Email Marketing Strategy is the key for any email Newsletter campaign to work and that is what we did. We followed the below steps to get the desired results:

  • Create email subscription list: Create and segment existing contact lists according to location and then create different newsletters for each segment, making sure you include something specific that relates to that particular segment.

  • Have two to three newsletter samples: Having two to three newsletter samples will give you a better scope of getting a response from the recipient.

  • Superb content and images: Superb content and images will make sure your readers are engaged and will either go to your website’s landing page or contact you for queries.

  • Add words to action: Now that you have your content and images ready, do add words to action ‘Subscribe to our mailing list’. You can also browse on search engines for the keywords ‘Subscribe to our newsletter examples’, this will give you a good idea of how to write compelling subscription sentences. When you do this you also need to add an unsubscribe option, so that if the recipient wants opts-out they can do so without any problems.

  • Scoring for email newsletter campaigns: Alpha Sandesh also has an amazing feature to score your newsletter campaigns, which ones were popular and which didn’t bring any traffic to your website. This helps you to either make changes to the ones that were not productive or scrap them totally. Why waste your time and resources on something which is not working.

When you search for Subscription email examples, you will realize that:

  • Your newsletter must be personalized according to the recipients; this will not only take your email open rates higher but also will build a connection with them.

  • When you use Alpha Sandesh’s service, keep in mind its other super feature, ‘subject rotation’. This will keep your subject lines fresh and compel your recipients to open your email.

For a successful newsletter campaign, Alpha InfoLab’s tip for you: must use Alpha Sandesh’s double opt-in confirmation, making sure you comply with the CAN-SPAM feature.

Speak to our Email Marketing specialists or email us or fill our contact form if you have any queries about email marketing or Alpha Sandesh.


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