Before learning the tips to increase email open rate, let’s have a quick brief on email marketing campaigns. Being a business owner or a marketer, finding various avenues to promote your business, products, and services is of utmost importance. In today’s era, whether you have a small or large organization, if you do not have a good marketing plan it can be difficult for you to reach your potential customer.

There are many ways to advertise or promote your business, namely:


  1. Facebook group posts
  2. Twitter tweets and retweets
  3. Pinterest boards
  4. Instagram (especially if you are a restaurant or photography studio or bakery)


  1. Google Ads
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Bulk Email Marketing Software (Garuda)
  4. Bulk Email Marketing Service (Alpha Sandesh)

But the most popular and widely used method is Email marketing. A business needs to keep an open one-to-one communication with its customers, and an email is the only mode that ticks all the boxes, easy, private, and reliable, it has the power to influence readers. In order to keep your business in your customer’s mind, it is very important to keep the frequency of your emails to once or twice a week, if not your customer may forget about your business.

Email Open Rate

What is email marketing?

In simple words, Email Marketing is a form of marketing where a business send mails to its customers or prospects to promote their products and services. When a customer visit your website and found it useful, he/she may fill the contact form and provide you mail id during the registration process which will help you to reach your customer for future aspects.

Why does your business need email marketing?

With the growing competition, businesses are reaching out to prospective customers through various avenues of Digital Marketing like Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, etc.

The Gen Z (born between 1995 to 2015) are the new clan of subscribers one must also look to target. About 46% Gen Z have Gmail as their primary email provider, so marketers have a golden opportunity to tap into this new audience. That is why planning for an Email Marketing Strategy, one needs to focus on new audiences by redefining your subscriber base by having a robust Email Marketing Plan with Alpha Sandesh.

Benefits of having a robust Email Marketing Plan:

  1. Personalized communication: With Email Marketing you can design and personalize mails.
  2. Send bulk-mails: With E-mail marketing service you can send bulk or unlimited emails per day.
  3. Cost-effective: Email Marketing is cost-effective when compared to other digital marketing techniques like banner advertisement, keyword advertisement etc.
  4. High conversion rate: According to McKinsey & Company, Email Marketing has high conversion rates than social media and high ROI.
  5. Promotions of products and services: Coupons, deals and offers on products and services through emails have shown to drive online and in-store sales.

A result-oriented Email marketing plan must focus on email open rates. For getting maximum open rates a promoter should give an attractive subject line. A famous quote says “Treat your subject line like the movie trailer – give a preview so they know what to expect”.

What is Email Open Rate?

Email open rate is a percentage which shows the number of subscribers who opened your mail. Your aim must be to create a subject line with an ultimate goal to convert subscribers into potential customers, increase website traffic and monetize.

Email open Rates benchmark - Alpha InfoLab

Tips to increase email open rate:

  1. Clickable Subject line:

    A good subject line is an entry door towards your successful campaign. A subject line must be relevant to your campaign and to the point and concise, so that it is easy to find out what is inside the email. You can make the tone of the subject line funny and simple, as if you are writing to a friend. Use optimized content, have keywords in your subject line which mostly people ask for or look for on Google, take help from Google keyword planner if you are not sure.

    Also use Alpha Sandesh, it has a free built-in spam check feature giving you a complete analysis of what keywords to avoid in your subject line.

    A good example of a clickable subject line by OLA is definitely worth mentioning. The receiver is sure to click by reading the subject line “Say goodbye to cash! Switch to digital payments”.

  2. Manage and review contact list:

    Declutter your contact list using Alpha Sandesh’s full list management feature. Reach out to inactive contacts or remove them if they still do not respond. Refresh your list with new email subscribers and keep a clean list of active subscribers. Categorize your list according to the frequency your subscribers check the mail with the Email Open Reporting feature provider by your Email marketing service.

    You can create multiple contact lists like – newsletter subscribers, weekly list, monthly list, yearly list, no-leads list or sales leads list etc. You can also segment your contact list according to location or interests etc.

  3. Renew your Email marketing Campaign:

    May be something you have been doing is not working out, and so revamp your Email marketing campaign, use beautiful templates. Create multiple Email marketing campaigns according to the different list of categories and segments, using dynamic content blocks.

  4. Set Auto-responders:

    Analyse the best time to send your emails, like the time and day of the week. According to a study by Mailchimp, people tend to open emails around 10 a.m. and closer towards the weekend, hence sending an email on Thursday or Friday is more likely be opened. So, automate your Email Campaign with auto responders according to the subscriber’s special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries etc.

  5. Aim to write to only one person:

    Apart from using first name or company name, think that you are writing for one single subscriber, do not generalize your email, it needs to sound personal. It is but natural to think about the huge list of contacts you have when drafting an email, but do not get carried away by that.

    Write as if you are writing to your friend, how he/she will benefit from your products and services. Sound enthusiastic when writing about savings or special offers or discounts exclusively for your customers, making them feel that they deserve to save and get pampered.

  6. Your every email must sound different:

    It can be boring for subscribers to receive same kind of emails from you. Make every email unique from the others by adding elements of your personality into it, like fun and humour or include helpful information which your subscriber will really benefit from. So the next time you send an email, your subscriber knows that you have something different for them and are more likely to click it.

  7. Connect on social media using an email:

    You need not always have to send a promotional email to your subscribers, an email can simply say a “Hi, how are you, we are on Facebook now, come join us there” can do lots of wonders. You need to reach out to contacts in every way possible, using an email you can increase your Facebook page members too. Bottom line, use an email to also help increase customer engagement number on social media platforms.

  8. Do something for the society:

    It is always good to reach out to your customers for social causes, you will be surprised to see their support and your customers will be happy to see you contributing towards society.

  9. Emails that are Mobile compatible:

    According to an article by Adestra, 59% people open emails on their mobiles, which is much higher than emails opened in a webmail client at 28% and desktop open rates of only 15%, so that means your emails must be made compatible with mobile users too.

  10. Always test your emails:

    Don’t you taste the dish you prepared before serving it to your friends and family? So why not do with emails? Always test your emails unlimited times, you can also send them to yourself or to a friend, ask for their feedback if any, someone else giving their inputs can also improve the quality of your emails.

  11. Special or flash offer emails:

    Who can resist a special or exclusive offer from time to time. Think about what kind of offers or deals excite you, offer something similar to your subscribers. May be you are a travel company, slashing flight tickets or discounted hotels, can definitely please your clientele.

  12. Newsletter Emails:

    A weekly or monthly newsletter are surely refreshing for your subscribers. Feature an informative article about a product or service, use images, and add an irresistible offer in it which takes them to your website, and see how your sales spur.

Benefits of personalizing emails to increase email open rates:

According to Campaign Monitor’s 2021 Global Email Benchmarks Data, the average email open rate is 18% across industries. When you personalize your emails, you can benefit from stunning results, like boosting open rates by 26%. Coschedule says, sending emails on the right day and time will make sure your emails get opened. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are good days, and 10 a.m. is the right time to send it, as 11.00 am is the highest open rate.

  1. Rise in click-through rates: The click-through rate is tremendously increased when a customer sees an E-mail addressed to them personally. On average the click through rate is 2.6%.
  2. Increase in conversion rates: A personalized Email and personalized subject lines have the power to increase the conversion rates, as the recipient will create a bond of trust with your brand.
  3. Rise in potential customers: Creating high-quality content that is relevant and appeals to the recipient will see rise in potential customers.
  4. Increase in sales: Marketers will also see that on average their sales will rise.
  5. Increase in customer interaction: Customer interaction is an efficient tool to build trust. If you have an active social media business page and customer feedback, comments or reviews are a great resource to get their email addresses. This type of customer interaction will greatly benefit your brand to then create personalized emails with special offers on birthdays or anniversaries, loyalty discounts etc. to capture customer’s attention. A birthday email can generate 340% more revenue, than a simple email.
  6. Personalized marketing of products and services: Targeted and segmented marketing of products and services through personalized emails has seen revenue generation of up to 58% according to a report by DemandGen.
  7. Automated trigger emails: You can set-up automated trigger emails depending on online behavior or spending or interest or online search patterns of customers.
  8. Re-engagement emails: When you send out re-engagement emails, you offer your best deals to your customers and remind them your brand cares for them. These emails also help your recipients jog your memory.

Hence, a successful Email Campaign doesn’t require any design or coding skills, a good strategy and Alpha Sandesh. Choose affordable plans and get started. Start using our innovative and latest email marketing resources and educational guides. We help you design seamless, clickable personal emails compatible on many email clients like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, etc.

A February 2021 study by Statista, email users around the world are going to grow to 4.6 billion by 2025. Another data by HubSpot highlights that, marketers are sending 27% more emails after the pandemic. So, here is your chance to reach billions of email users with a unique personalized Email Campaign designed with Alpha Sandesh and enlarge your business clientele no matter the size of your business and increase email open rates.


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