How to choose best smtp server for email marketing?

For any business to have a successful stint at Email Marketing, robust  SMTP server services is the key. Businesses who need to send mass marketing emails to recipients may find the usual email services not up to the mark. Businesses also require their own company email address for professional use and many email services do not permit mass email sending. 


smtp server


How do you know if you require a SMTP server? It is simple, you want to let your many recipients know about your services and products through email marketing by sending bulk emails. May be the existing SMTP server of your ISP was enough for you now, but with the rising list of recipients you may struggle to send marketing emails if you do not have a bulk email server.   


So, choosing the best SMTP server services for email marketing is the right way to go. It is important that you take services of a hosting company which can offer you options like Dedicated IPs for bulk mailing and best dedicated SMTP server services


What is SMTP server

SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol was introduced to manage encrypted safe and secure bulk email sending and receiving. Your email marketing campaigns will see a success rate of  How to choose right SMTP server services?

When choosing the right SMTP server services, you need to keep in mind the following features:

1. Bulk Email sending:

Businesses where they must be able to send thousands of emails in a day require a strong server that is able to handle sending and receiving of large number of emails. It must be able to withstand huge traffic, if not then you will have issues like server crash etc. 


2. Unlimited Data transfer:

With unlimited data transfer, your business will not have any limitations on the amount of activity going on the server. 


3. Dedicated IPs:

Having dedicated IPs lets you use IPs for bulk emailing only and not compromise your business IPs, which sometimes get blocked. Hence, it is advisable to use dedicated IPs for bulk emailing. 


4. Advanced Security:

The server is fully secure against any problems like power outages and attacks like hacking, malware etc. 


5. Best Bulk Email marketing software:

The SMTP services come with best bulk email sending software which makes it easy to synchronize and integrate email marketing campaigns efficiently. 


6. Customer Support:

Having 24/7 friendly customer support is essential and whoever claims to provide this is your right choice.


7. Guaranteed email delivery:

The foremost guarantee of email delivery is important and a good SMTP server will make sure that you are successfully able to deliver 100% emails to recipients, of course there could be other issues for non-delivery of emails like invalid email address, or recipient inbox is full etc. 


Once you have chosen the right SMTP server with bulk emailing services, you will find that your campaigns will see success, like guaranteed email delivery, rise in open rates, rise in conversions and eventual rise in income. Based on your present and future requirements choose the right SMTP server and email services and see your email campaigns start giving you high ROI. 


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