How Is Email Marketing Effective?

Email Marketing is an effective tool used by more than 70% of businesses around the world. They help businesses adapt to the changing business scenarios and yet reach the audiences efficiently. The relevance of Email Marketing is often questioned, but statistics prove critics wrong. Bulk email marketing service provider, Alpha Sandesh had seen a rise in email open rates by 25% in the email campaigns they run for clients, especially during the pandemic in 2020. 


How Is Email Marketing Effective?

How Is Email Marketing Effective?

Many factors help your email campaigns turn into effective email marketing engines: 

    1. You know your subscribers, meaning you are sensitive to their interests and accordingly formulate your marketing campaign.
    2. Your campaigns must resonate with your brand, that will give an added trust aspect for your recipients. 
    3. You can send emails with 100% deliverability with an SMTP server, that enables your business to send bulk emails with ease. For more on SMTP server pricing, click here
    4. Double-opt-in subscribes confirmation option when given to your recipients, you will be assured that you have confirmed genuine email addresses. 
    5. One-click unsubscribe option in every email assures your recipient that you are serious about not spamming and comply with CAN-SPAM policy. 
    6. When you create a segmented list of contacts, you are making sure that your email list is full proof and every email address is, segmented according to recipient interests. That can be done, with Alpha Sandesh’s powerful segmentation tools. 
    7. An organised email list helps you streamline your emails to the right person. 
    8. You can also create targeted emails for higher open rates. 
    9. Keeping an eye on the statistics of the emails sent, open rates, click-through rates, bounces etc. will help you to report the findings and accordingly plan the future course of action. You can also test the various templates, spam filtering etc. 
    10. Maintaining email reputation is of utmost importance, hence Alpha Sandesh, the best bulk email marketing agency is reputed for best practices and ISP relatives to raise your email campaign consignment rates.
    11. Send out emails on special occasions is good, and can be easily streamlined with the help of Autoresponder. Autoresponder in Alpha Sandesh can quickly build and schedule automatic birthday greetings, welcome messages. It can even trigger emails depending on exact, keywords (with wildcard support) searched in various regions of the received email.
    12. Your email content is essential too, avoid using spam words, keep it to the point, provide value to the recipient or the recipient must benefit from it after reading it. 
    13. Make sure your email content has images to make them attractive and readable. 
    14. Your email content must be easy to read, without technical jargon. 
    15. Must have a call-to-action button, to make to easy for the recipient to go to the landing page. 
    16. Including your social media account names or links also helps build a strong relationship with your recipients and build trust. 


Apart from the above factors, your emails must be able to generate leads and increase your business revenue. 

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