Information Technology or IT has become an integral part of every individual and businesses need to effectively use Information Technology management tools to reach every individual.

Introduction to information technology:

Information Technology is where computers and networks are used to send, receive, store and retrieve and streamline information. Nowadays, companies use information technology to connect with customers using company websites, social media sites, e-commerce sites, mobiles, digital machines or (IoT) Internet of Things, etc.

With the humongous amount of information flow, businesses need to tap into the digital arena and reach as many potential customers as possible.

How does technology work today?

The technology works very differently today and companies have changed with technology; most of the business functions have been digitalized. Some of the positive changes seen recently are:

  • Digital Payment methods: Net Banking, Paypal, PayTM etc. are methods where businesses transact these days, especially with increased mobile usage, people use these digital methods more and more and have gone cashless. Cryptocurrency has also emerged and has seen a lot of popularity.

  • VPS or cloud storage: Every important and sensitive company data is stored on virtual private servers and in Cloud-based applications. This saves a lot of physical storage space as well as saves you money from buying expensive hosting servers for your company.

  • Mobile App-based services: Many App-based services have seen a boom in all types of industries from travel to education like Uber, Ola, Byjus, Edmodo, etc. This trend has given employment to millions, provided excellent customer service and support and also increased sales of businesses.

  • Popularity of social-media platforms: Popularity of social-media platforms like Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram has tremendously changed the face of Information Technology to an advanced level. Customers have real-time information at the tip of their fingers and businesses have used this medium to grow customer numbers tremendously.

  • Digital Businesses: Businesses sell products and services by developing applications that work on customer’s mobiles. Some popular applications are Amazon, Ebay, eAlpha, Big Basket, Urban Clap and many more. This trend has seen many wholesale and retail businesses flourishing by not only providing their services but have found a good customer base.

The above modes and uses of information technology has helped businesses process information to perform basic activities efficiently, make important decisions, engage with and influence customers.

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Importance of information technology:

Information technology works as an important instrument for businesses:

  • More agility

  • Make more business connections

  • Expand your business to other countries

  • Faster exposure to innovations and new technology

  • Stay connected with clients and customers remotely

  • Efficient work culture

  • Business functions are automated

  • Maximizing business productivity

  • Increased number of loyal customers

  • Secure information flow

Businesses need to look to invest in advanced technology, especially Digital Marketing that will surely help them perform much better than their competitors.

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