How Email Segmentation Helps A Business?

Think, that you have a product which is useful to different users in different ways, for example you are an auto dealer, you sell many type of cars for example, economy cars, luxury cars, sports cars etc. It is pointless to send common mails to audiences; a better solution in Email Marketing for small business owners to reach unique targets through Email Segmentation.

What is Email Segmentation?

Email segmentation is the process to make smaller contact lists i.e., Database Segmentation of your email subscribers and then shoot emails to the segmented lists. This process helps you to sort out different contact lists and prepare specific Email Campaigns for them. This systematic email segmentation of contacts will surely help your business grow exponentially.

Through Email Segmentation, out of the 50 subscribers you reach only 10 may open your emails for your promotions and even buy your products, whereas, rest of the 40 may only open your emails to be aware of your business and read information that may be of interest to them. However, even if the 40 do not buy anything from you, they may buy something in the future, hence segmented emails must be sent consistently.

Email Database Management is a very niche process which involves you to segment email according to who you want to target. There are more chances your readers will take appropriate action if exceedingly-relevant and useful content reaches them.

For example: Sending emails to promote your luxury car segment to very rich subscribers will gauge their attention, in the same way targeting readers who have families will appreciate receiving emails about economy cars.

Email segmentation also lets you do away with contacts that are invalid or unresponsive.

email segmentation is important

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Different segments you can make from your database:

Different lists according to which you can segment your database can be based on:

  • Subscription date

  • Product search on website

  • Cart abandonment

  • Interest

  • Activity or behaviour of subscriber on website

  • Job title

  • Location

  • Gender

  • Age

Benefits of Market Segmentation to send Emails:

  • Email Segmentation helps in targeted email marketing.

  • Targeted readers are more likely to open your email

  • Your readers will be interested to read what you are promoting

  • Your readers are more likely to go to your website

  • You are in a better position to convert leads

  • It is a sure shot method to increase sales

A more popular form of email marketing is Email Newsletters, since they can be sent weekly or monthly and placing appropriate and relevant information in the newsletters will help you increase conversion rate and fetch you more paying customers, this is one of the main benefits of email newsletters.

To be able to segment emails, one needs to constantly monitor and track subscriber activity on your website and accordingly prepare campaigns that have the right content that attracts readers to open your email.

To be able to successfully segment emails, create Email campaigns and newsletters, and to have 100% deliverability of emails, it is essential to choose an advanced email marketing service like Alpha Sandesh.

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