Running a Real Estate business requires you to build a bigger network of clients for your business to thrive in this cut-throat competition, for this many are turning to Digital Marketing for Real Estate.

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Digital Marketing is a wide subject and according to popular practice and study, Email Marketing generates a 41:1 ROI, way better than any other type of marketing. Email Marketing is one of the leading ways to reach maximum audience in less time and with minimum resources. Being a reputed Email Marketing agency, Alpha Sandesh understands and is here to help when you are clueless on how to get real estate leads.

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With Alpha Sandesh, you can enjoy a robust SMTP hosting which guarantees high deliverability of emails to your recipients and many in-built and attractive Real Estate Email Marketing templates that can be presented with compelling content. But, for all this to work you need proper planning.

How to Create a Real Estate Email Marketing Strategy:

Creating an effective Real Estate Email Marketing Strategy requires utilizing email marketing features, along with a bit of planning such as:

  • Understanding your target audience, which will help you to create subject line and email content which attracts your reader’s attention, always add something unique about the house and its location, like sea-view, close to bird sanctuary etc., include action words like ‘Click here now’, ‘Enquire now’, etc.

  • Adding attractive images of the property you want to sell, giving as much information about it, it’s history, specifications, details about the nearest mall or station or shopping area etc.

  • Preparing your email contact list, make sure you narrow them down to a list where you know your readers will be interested in your product or service.

  • Deciding upon 2-3 email marketing campaigns, run the campaigns side by side and do A/B testing, this will help you to see which has greater ROI and scrap the one which is generating little or no revenue.

  • Syncing Google Analytics with Alpha Sandesh and then keep track of your campaigns, monitor and check the reports every week, tweak the content if you feel traffic has slowed down.

  • Making your emails tempting, giving something away for free, like say avail a 10% discount on booking amount if they book the house or a flat within 1 week. This motivates your readers to go ahead with the offer.

  • Asking for an appointment in your email, this is what you finally want, so arranging to meet your buyer in person where you are most charismatic, can easily convince them to buy.

mails in real estate business

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Real Estate Email Marketing Ideas:

Always make sure you have solid ideas for your Real Estate businesses which are surely going to help you generate interest among email readers:

  • Along with Email Marketing, creating brand awareness about your business is crucial, especially using social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

  • Building a good fan following through social media promotions and getting their email addresses the right way will score you points.

  • When you eventually send a cold email to your recipients, Alpha Sandesh’s double opt-in feature will make sure your email recipient is subscribing to your emails and you are adhering to the CAN-Spam culture.

Following good Real Estate Marketing Ideas is going to target the right audience, it has been found that unmarried women are the most stronger buyers due to their financial independence. Married couple with kids are the second category of people who buy a house. Understanding your target groups is very important for Real Estate email marketing strategy to truly work and start generating profits.

Create your Email Marketing Strategy for Real Estate with Alpha Sandesh now that will help you sell desirable properties to people who are looking to buy land or buy or rent a new or old house to live in or buy a second home for investment purposes.

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