How Do You Collect Targeted Audience Email For Email Marketing In Bulk?

Emailing relies on genuine email contacts and also to build on new contacts. By using advanced bulk email marketing tools with a strategic plan, you can attract the right audience to your business. With the CAN-SPAM Act in place, businesses can no longer spam to obtain email addresses. But, are there simple ways one can collect targeted audience email for email marketing in bulk ? 


Yes, there are many simple ways one can collect email addresses without sounding like spam. Some of them are listed below:

Collect a Super Targeted Audience Email For Email Marketing In Bulk?

Collect a Super Targeted Audience Email For Email Marketing In Bulk?

  1. Conduct a competition and offer something in return: A rivalry related to your products or services can generate a lot of buzz among the targeted audience. Recently, Cadbury in India started with a competition where you can create your flavour by mixing two ingredients from a list of drinks, fruits, spices and vegetables. Any person who participates has to register using their email address and then blend a unique flavour for their chocolate and give a unique name. If the blend is successful, then the especial name will be, printed on the chocolate and your unique flavoured chocolate sold in the market. So, this got people sharing their email addresses instantly and, Cadbury has a pile stock of new email addresses and, in return, you can name the unique flavour of your chocolate. Isn’t that a novel idea? 
  2. Offer unique information that is useful to share: When you offer your readers something unique, information, or product or service in return for sharing or forwarding it to their contact, is a good strategy. Something of value will motivate them to forward your email.
  3. Refer a friend offer: Many apps that we use in our daily lives have used this strategy. When you refer a friend or friends, you get a cashback or something for free. You can also give an incentive to the person being referred. This creates a chain reaction and, every time a person is referred, you have a new contact address in your list. Like Uber has been widely successful with this model.
  4. Conduct surveys or feedback forms: Another way is to conduct surveys or float feedback forms for your products and services. That will only get interested parties to you therefor you have a highly targeted contact list. 
  5. Tutorial Videos on YouTube or Vimeo: YouTube and Vimeo are generating business opportunities for many businesses. If you have not explored this avenue, then you most definitely must. A highly engaging video will generate interest in your brand. Your focus must be to educate your viewers by creating videos that answer the ‘how-to’ or ‘did you know’ questions or ‘tips to’ etc. Always ask your viewers to subscribe, like and share your videos and also insert your business website in the description of the videos. That is a very genuine way to collect contact details of the targeted audience. 
  6. Offer Free E-books: Free E-books are another way to attract interested people and collect contacts. To get your free E-book in their email, they have to register, voila you have won the battle in an instant and have a good collection of email addresses now. 
  7. Segmenting your email contacts: As you are building up your email list, you can as well simultaneously segment your contacts according to location, domain address of email, gender, interests etc. This way you can easily create personalised emails for their individual needs. That also makes your work easy and will be able to send highly targeted emails. 
  8. Pop-ups on the website: Pop-ups are a great way to attract a visitor to a special offer or promotion you want them to see. Once a person is interested in that offer, they directly have to register with their email address. 
  9. Use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, to promote your products: If you have a good budget, then you must venture into the Ads world of Google and Facebook. They are a great source to collect new email addresses and be visible to your customers. 
  10. KYC form: Like banks have a KYC or know your customer form your business can also choose this model to obtain quality email contacts. Make a simple form and highlight the need for accurate information from your contacts for you to send them across with some special offers and discounts. That will surely bring them to register with you. 
  11. Maintain a weekly or monthly newsletter cycle: Newsletters are very, essential to keep your readers engaged and in contact with you on a weekly or monthly basis. This builds a relationship of trust between you and your reader. Your newsletters must provide valuable information, must have a call-to-action to take your viewers to a landing page on your website. You must aim to retain your existing customers and also take the chance to encourage your readers to forward your newsletters to friends or family, so they also benefit with your valuable content.
  12. Sort your contacts every month: To a good list, of the contact list, it is wise to sort your contacts every month. Remove the contacts which do not show email opens for more than two months, or where the emails bounce back that will also help you to reduce bounce back rates and, you will enjoy 100% deliverability. If you do have people reading emails, but not clicking through to your website, then you may need to tweak your content with enticing information. 



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