How to Use top High-Volume Email Marketing Services?

Sending high-volume email can be successful or can be a disaster, but easy and possible with the help of a service provider in a mass mailing. When businesses are equipped properly with advanced email marketing tools and, SMTP server for bulk mailing, then they will be able to reach the right target audience and achieve an increase in revenue.

Especially for E-commerce businesses or marketers or enterprises that have more than 25,000 customers. The business may need to send:

• 15000 critical product emails
• 20000 weekly newsletters
• Nearly 1000 daily emails
• 5000 trigger emails
• More than 2000 segmented emails to be sent daily

There may be more variants to this example, but a business could intend to send more than 50,000 emails in a month and this gives you the drift of what a business with high customer interaction might need. That is where taking services from bulk email marketing companies will greatly benefit the business efforts.

When sending high-volume emails at one go, Using mass email marketing tools and segmentation, you can send bulk emails by scheduling them to go on different times during the day.

The best bulk email marketing company like Alpha Sandesh will provide businesses with the following features for businesses to do efficient email bulk marketing are:

1. Sending unlimited Emails.

2. Ability to create multiple email addresses.

3. Integration with Google Analytics to monitor statistics of your existing email campaigns.

4. Free mailing software – Garuda IM.

5. Import and export data using Alpha Jet that is in-built.

6. You can conduct A/B testing to see which campaigns work and which don’t.

7. Email personalization features help you to address the recipient directly and have more chances of increasing open rates.

8. Send trigger emails or notifications to subscribers when needed.

9. Contact List Management.

10. High encryption for secure email sending and receiving.

11. Double opt-in confirmation.

You can send emails easily through a high-volume email provider when you follow the steps below:

1. Your aim must be to send quality emails, instead of concentrating on quantity.

2. Your email list also must be cleaned every few months, to eliminate recipients who are unresponsive or invalid emails.

3. Make sure you add call to action and the landing page must motivate the visitor to buy your products.

4. Using SMTP server, makes sure your emails do not come under the radar of ISP’s.

5. Automation and segmentation will also help a lot

6. Following good email practices will help you generate revenue from your campaigns.

7. Ability to send email blasts that appeal to all.

This is where partnering with an affordable email marketing service and bulk email service provider in the USA like Alpha Sandesh will smoothen the bulk mailing process and give visible results.

Alpha Sandesh provides customized email marketing solutions for all business sizes and can also scale up or down based on business needs. For more information on bulk emailing or cold emailing, connect here.

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