Future of Voice Assistants or Smart Speakers

Everyone has a smart phone now-a-days and we are slowly adopting Voice technology trends like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant etc. at most homes and businesses worldwide. The startling fact is that the Voice assistant revolution has taken everyone by surprise but people have whole heartedly accepted the devices as they are economical to buy and hence have revolutionized how we browse on the internet, listen to music, do business and shop online.

One can also ask smart speakers to read your work and personal mails, which is simply amazing, since you do not need to be in front of the screen anymore and you can do multi-tasking while Alexa read all your mails to you, mind you she can go on and on, so before you ask Alexa to read you emails, categorize your emails in your mail account. So, next time you ask Alexa to read emails, specify that you want her to read ‘Important’ marked emails only.

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future of smart speakers

List of voice assistants / Smart Speakers:

The following are popular Smart Speakers and Voice Assistants List with features of smart speakers:

Amazon Echo – It connects to your mobile, smart electronics like TV, Refrigerator, lights, switches etc. It can order you food from a restaurant nearby or even book you an Uber to work. (Source: Care.com)
Google Home – Google Smart Speaker is popular and boasts of a powerful speaker and voice assistant. If you have an android smartphone or smart watch then you can also download the Google Assistant from Play Store. You can connect Google Home and Google Assistant to your vacuum cleaner, Security System, TV etc. and can also sync with applications like Netflix, YouTube for a more enriching and entertaining experience.
Siri – Siri is a voice assistant by Apple which has gained a lot of popularity among Iphone users. You can use Siri to make call and text, set alarms, reminders, timer, create your playlist and play your favourite songs, locks and opens the front door of your home, accesses security cameras of your home, and much more. (Source: https://www.apple.com/siri/)
Cortana Home Assistant – Microsoft came up with Cortana when Google and Amazon were at their peak, but still managed to make a market for itself. It can create and manage lists, find facts, files etc, manage calendar, reminders and more.
Use of Voice Speakers in business:

Is your website responsive to Voice assistant devices? If not, then you need to look at the statistics which shows more and more people are using smart speakers to search on search engines. Statistics by Voice Bot shows that 93.3% adults in the US own a smart speaker and 79.1% use the voice assistant monthly.

The same stats show that in the US the voice assistant market has erupted and users of smart speakers account for 45.7 million and users of voice assistant on smartphones are 90.1 million. This shows that people are slowly warming up to the idea of using smart speakers everywhere even in businesses.

(Source: Voice Bot – Voice Assistant Consumer Adoption Report November 2019)

Future of voice assistants:

For online businesses voice assistants are very promising and there is an urgent need for businesses to make their website responsive to searches made by smart speaker users.

Businesses can schedule appointments, meetings, etc. for smooth day-to-day activities.
Another aspect worth mentioning is that businesses need to explore and target smart speaker users to promote their products and services.
Marketing emails which you send to your subscribers need to be compatible or responsive to smart speakers. Create attractive sounding and appealing emails that include simple language that can be read easily by smart speakers compelling the subscriber to convert to leads. Upgrade to this Intelligent Mailer Software and a robust bulk Email SMTP services for a futuristic Marketing campaign that will work for your business in the long run, especially with the technological advancements.
This shows that voice assistant trends are here to stay and will in fact grow across countries and industries where users have not fully adopted them yet.


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