Five Reasons Why Email Marketing Is trending In USA

Think out of the box, to send emails to the inbox’, does this sentence ring a bell? Well in 2020 and beyond, if businesses want great results in advertising through email marketing. Then thinking out of the box is the need of the hour. Here get to know about the best email marketing strategies of 2020.

Many Email Marketers usually focus on getting quick results without paying much attention to the quality of the emails and the number of emails sent. This is where they go wrong. However, for effective email marketing, is it good to follow the new trends that are making waves in the US.

5 reasons to follow the best Email Marketing Trends and Techniques in 2020:

  1. Think Mobile Email Marketing: Based on a study done by Statista for India alone, 55.75% of people used mobile to check their emails. So, that means in 2020, the percentage of people reading emails on their mobiles to go up to 60%. If we are more optimistic, it could surpass 70%. Another study was done for the US sector. 52% of employees check their emails on mobiles during work hours. 70% of employees check their emails very often. So, you see if you take the above studies into consideration and run an email campaign in 2020, make sure your emails are responsive for mobiles since this is where you will be able to reach your audience and also achieve maximum ROI, which are the best benefits of email marketing

  1. Browsing abilities within Emails: This is a new feature which email designers need to adapt. To have an in-built browser, your reader doesn’t have to go to the browser or any other APP at all.
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    Five reason why email marketing in trending in USA

  1. Automation that makes life easier: As an email marketer, you could get carried away with designing email campaigns and could focus less on segmenting. Hence, automation to your rescue. With automation, you can segment contact lists, send trigger emails, autoresponder emails and more giving you best email deliverability

  1. Unlimited A/B Split Testing: What good is an A/B testing when you can only test 2-3 emails? That is why you need an email marketing software where you can do unlimited variations in a single split test.

  1. Email Marketing is cheaper than Mobile publicity: In a June 2019 study by Statista, the projected expenditure on mobile advertising could reach 146 billion US dollars by 2023, which is an exorbitant amount that only says 20% businesses could afford to do. This is why the ideal option is to employ the best email marketing strategy that is targeted towards mobile users and also has affordable Email Marketing Plans.

Why should we use email marketing?
Email marketing helps to stay connected with your customers and build a good trusting relationship with them. In the same way, it also helps in reaching new and prospective customers way better than social media channels. 

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