Feature Enrich Enterprise Email Marketing Software Garuda – The Intelligent Mailer

Are you an email marketer? Need software, tool or any application that enables you to create, send bulk emails and provides tools for accurate tracking and monitoring your bulk email campaigns? So you will be able to analyze and can achieve your marketing goals from your email marketing efforts. Garuda Enterprise Email marketing Software enables us to track email marketing campaigns, these email marketing campaigns can be the small scale promotion of large email marketing campaigns. Enterprise email marketing software Garuda is the answer to all the questions.

Enterprise Email Marketing Software

Here Are Some Features of Enterprise Email Marketing Software Garuda

1. Management of Contact List

This feature of Garuda allows user to manage list of contact lists. This management of contact list assures high return on investment.

2. Segmentation Of Contact List

This Feature allows users to target contact on the basis of associated data with each contact id. Which helps in creating personalized email message improves the higher open rate, CTR and Conversion rate.

3. Triggers

Triggers allow delivering of emails to a targeted audience at the appropriate time for optimizing the conversion.

4. Intelligent Bounce Processor

Garuda provides intelligent bounce processing processor which supports traditional bounce codes as well as our own extending bounce process code.

5. Intelligent Feedback Loop (FBL) Processor

As Email service providers are updating them every day, Our Intelligent Feedback Loop (FBL) Processor process according to updates and if it gets fail it will inform to user.

6. Selection of SMTP

If an SMTP gets more bounce or FBL from any domain, this software will leave that domain and will make sure that the email marketing campaign will still go on.

7. Advanced Link Manager

Our advance link manager feature provides detailed stats for links, like number of link clicks including visitor details like browser, country, Operating System, time, date etc.

8. Self Cleaning

A self cleaning feature of Garuda removes unwanted, useless and duplicated databases.

9. Real Time Reporting

Garuda provides real time statistics which allow us to measure the success rate of email marketing campaigns.

10. Domain Blocking/Throttling

Garuda allows mentioning blocking and throttling for particular SMTP of domains.

And there are so many features like Domain Management, Auto Responder, features for handling multiple SMTP accounts which make Garuda best email marketing software.


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