Everything your business needs to know about VPS

Businesses who have plans of expansion often only think about physical office spaces and make the budget accordingly. However, they fail to set aside a budget for their IT infrastructure and could end up with an unsecure network and web hosting. This is why one must consult a reputed server hosting company who will understand your business requirements and provide you with the best unlimited web hosting plans that suit you (business needs to know about VPS).

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A VPS is a virtual server or machine that is created by a network administrator to create a separate server for a business or a single client. This is the opposite of shared hosting and provides privacy (business needs to know about VPS).


When choosing between online linux hosting services, it is always safe and wise to go with a VPS Hosting. VPS or Virtual Private Server is cheaper than dedicated servers, yet provides equivalent features and safety based on your budget. VPS is also better than Shared Hosting since the server is not shared and provides better security (business needs to know about VPS).

There are a few types of VPS server hosting that are popularly taken by businesses:


SSD VPS: SSD stands for Solid State Drive. In this type of hosting, a server provider like Alpha VBox allocates to the client a separate SSD drive instead of a hard disk. This SSD drive is very fast server, are shockproof and powerful than a hard drive. This kind of hosting can be provided to a client with very high traffic to their website.


Cloud VPS: Cloud VPS is another budget friendly option where businesses require high storage space, high data transfer speed and high security.


KVM VPS: KVM or Kernel Virtual Machine is a visualization solution where a highly encrypted server secures the client’s network.

You have to keep in mind the type of hosting you require, hosting your websites and entire network could mean your network and websites need the highest security and speed. Do not just go for any cheap linux server hosting, rather choose a Linux web hosting server that promises you the best of speed and safest server.

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