Essential Features For An Email Service Provider

You must have come across or read about an Email Service Provider (ESP), but still have not been able to understand the marketing terms and have questions like what is an ESP? Who needs an ESP? What features must a good ESP possess?

We at Alpha Sandesh understand your dilemma and have all the right answers for you, our professional team of Digital marketers have answered all your queries below in a very simple way.

What is an ESP?

An ESP or Email Service Provider is a company that provides bulk email services to businesses, companies, institutions to send promotional campaigns through mails.

An ESP is dependent on having a robust email marketing software. The software must tick the following three main boxes for you:

  • Create attractive Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Email Campaigns that can be tested, automated and analysed

  • Provide intuitive email marketing tools.

Keeping in mind the above points, an ESP like Alpha Sandesh in also interdependent and complemented by our in-house Bulk Email Marketing Software, Garuda.

Some of the unique features of Garuda are:

  • Handles multiple MTA

  • Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

  • You can set an automated trigger for subscribers based on current or upcoming events like birthdays, anniversaries, follow-up emails for email open subscribers, sales leads etc. This feature makes sure your Email Campaigns are accurately delivered and focus on generating conversions.

  • Complete Contact List Management from exporting, revising contact lists and segmenting contact lists under categories.

  • Subject line rotation or spinning lets you keep your subject lines fresh and clickable, your readers are attentive to your emails and makes sure your emails avoid the SPAM folder

  • Adhere to the CAN-SPAM compliance, so you do not end up sending unsolicited emails.

  • Having real-time reporting for all emails sent makes you analyse the results and tweak your Email Campaigns accordingly

  • 24/7 Customer Support for any technical assistance.

Who needs an ESP?

An ESP or a software is useful and helpful to any individual, small, medium or large business for efficient Email Campaign Marketing. Whether you are an E-commerce site, a hospital, a hotel, an educational institution etc. an ESP will:

  • Keep you in touch with your clients

  • Reach out to potential clients in an efficient way

  • Promote your business products and services

  • Increase your sales

  • Improve your ROI goals

Features ESP must have

What features must a good ESP possess?

Now you know why you need a good ESP, deciding on which ESP to choose for your business can be time consuming, that is why our comprehensive features guide is there to help you:

  1. Personalised Bulk Email: The first and foremost feature to look for in a Mass Emailing Service Providers is the ability to create personalised emails that can be sent in bulk to a large contact list at once, which is easy, rather than sending them individually which is time consuming.

  2. Reliable SMTP: This is the second feature one must look at, a robust SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) in order for your mails to be delivered smoothly, without any delays or interruptions, kind of like a reputed postal or courier service.

Hence, Alpha Sandesh acts like your email DTDC, Blue Dart etc. giving you an unmatchable and uninterrupted service. With Alpha Sandesh’s cost-effective SMTP Server Pricing, we can easily scale up or down SMTP server depending on the email load.

  1. Free Email Templates: You want to be able to use ready-to-use and free email templates, saving you a lot of time. Templates help you create beautiful and attractive email campaigns without compromising on quality within a few minutes.

  2. Targeted Email Campaigns: Create email marketing campaigns for multiple contact lists with ease. Create highly relevant and targeted email campaigns based on client demographics, interests, buying pattern, etc.

  3. Scheduling and automation of emails: The best feature is automation of emails, sending emails strategically according to a schedule you want. Research shows that people view their emails in the mornings between 8 a.m. – 11a.m., so scheduling emails to be automatically sent during that time is more effective, with higher email open rates and click through rates.

  4. Autoresponder Email Marketing: We know that there are many functional tasks and processes you need to concentrate in your business and cannot actually respond or reply back to your clients individually and on a timely basis. There is where an autoresponder feature works as magic. You can create and manage multiple or series of autoresponder emails to be sent to your client as soon as they subscribe to your mail or buy a product or service.

  5. Contact List Management: Sync your contact lists from Google, Yahoo or any other email service platform. Merge duplicate lists and reinvent your contact lists by dividing contacts under different categories. A good contact management system like Alpha Sandesh, lets you monitor and track your contact behaviour and mitigate your next email action plan.

  6. Accurate Deliverability: Delivering mails which are accurately reaching your client’s email account is a desirable feature. To top it up emails get delivered faster and securely.

  7. Affordable Email Marketing Service: With budgets for every process of your business, spending a huge amount on an email marketing service can keep you away from hiring the service. Alpha Sandesh is one of the best Service Providers Mass Mailing specialist at affordable rates and provides you with all the above features.

  8. Email Support to your clients: The ultimate aim of a good email marketing service is for the end-user i.e., your client to have a good email support. Reach out efficiently to your clients, solve their queries instantly and build strong relationships. Alpha Sandesh lets you score huge customer delight points by helping you provide a reliable and responsive E-mail support to your clients.

  9. Flexible Service: An Email marketing service that is result-oriented is what you need and one that reports, lets you analyse and monitor email campaigns. You need a flexible service which lets you tweak existing campaigns and alter them according to the changing trends and business needs.

  10. Grow your customer base: Carve a niche and stay ahead of your competitors, grow your business faster by increasing your sales and profits with Alpha Sandesh. It is easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge.

Get close towards profitable business goals quickly. Depending on your business requirements, our solutions are easily integrated and fit into your business model, like If you need an all-in-one Email Marketing solution, then Alpha Sandesh services will be offered or if you require only the Best Bulk Email Sending Software, then Garuda will be provided.

For a comprehensive diagnostics of what your business requirements are, keeping in mind your budget and your business infrastructure let our experts customize a simplified email marketing solution with our attractive pricing plans.


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