Email Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford

Email marketing is a great way to broaden your business horizon in terms of customers and sales. However, very often as businesses, you could make some email marketing mistakes that will hamper your business in the long run. It is advisable to note these common email marketing mistakes and to avoid them totally.

Marketing Mistakes To Avoid:

Following are the email marketing mistakes you can avoid to make sure you have a consistent email subscriber list that is growing and also eventually become potential sales leads.

  • Do not buy contact lists: Building contacts by means of buying targeted email marketing lists or contact lists is totally wrong and unethical. It is desirable to build contact lists by means of genuine subscriptions by people who visit your website and want to receive emails from you.

  • Irrelevant email content for targeted customers: Very often, businesses ignore the email content which needs to be sent to targeted customers, especially when you have to send bulk emails. To counter this mistake, it is advisable to use the best dedicated email services from Alpha Sandesh, which makes sure your email content, is authentic and does not repeat. You can also personalise your emails using the personalization tool for a more one-on-one communication and to build trust. 

  • Certainly not promotional emails: We personally do not like to read promotional emails, hence why do we send such emails to our subscribers? Your emails must not be too promotional or salesy, because eventually your readers will stop opening your emails without even reading the subject line and may even unsubscribe.

  • Emails to not-opt lists will tag your emails as spam: Businesses who continue to send emails to not-opt contact lists or list of unsubscribes will be tagged as spammers. We make sure you maintain a separate non-opt list efficiently, so that your customers are not bothered by unwanted emails.Mistakes in marketing

  • Email bombardment: Bombarding your subscribers with emails every hour or so can hamper your relationship with them. Ideally, 1 email daily or 1 weekly email or sometimes 2 weekly emails are enough to make sure the readers are in touch with your business. Timing of your emails and scheduling them is also very important, sending an email on Tuesday or Wednesday between 10.00 am and 11.00 am will surely increase your email open rates.

  • Redundant contact lists: Having a redundant contact list is waste of time and resources, hence, sorting out list according to non-active or disable contacts will help you streamline your content and energy towards subscribers who actually open your emails.

  • Emails that are not tested: Trial and test is the secret of achieving high conversion rates and when your business does not do just that, the hard work which you put into the email campaigns will not be worth the result. Conduct a/b testing of your emails to make sure your campaigns are fruitful and generate maximum ROI.

  • Not using services of bulk email marketing company: Not hiring or not taking services of the email marketing agency is a big mistake businesses do. Hiring professional services for email marketing will improve the quality of your email content, increase sales and profits, because your email campaigns will be dealt in a strategical manner, with time to time monitoring and analysing the mail statistics by experts..

  • Not having an interactive form fill-up page or contact form page: One of the very common and big marketing mistakes by big companies is to not pay enough attention to the contact form on the contact us page. Your efforts to create an excellent email campaign will go to a toss if you do not pay attention to the first step your subscribers will take. Not so interactive contact form page where the website visitor will fill the forms to receive future emails from you is bad for business. So test the page, see if you are able to subscribe with your personal email address, if no then find out what went wrong, alternatively hire services of a good IT and web development company who will be able to solve any technical issues.

  • Website and emails that are not compatible with other devices: Nowadays, it is very common for people to check emails or browse through websites on their mobiles or tablets, but if your business website and email are non-responsive to mobile readers, then you are missing out on attracting a massive number of mobile users. Hence, make your site and emails compatible to all devices.

  • Not sending follow-up emails: Another golden rule of email marketing is to send follow-up emails, like welcome emails or emails that are specific to a group of subscribers, also showed interest in browsing through a product on your website. So, always make sure you also check your subscriber activity on your website to send targeted emails that are wisely scheduled.

The above are some of the worst email marketing mistakes you could make, but when you pay attention to plan and create a healthy and robust marketing strategy keeping the above points in mind. Also checkout our blog article on do’s and don’ts in email marketing.

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