Do’s And Don’ts in Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great tool for any business to promote its products and services, build brand awareness in a subtle manner and aim for higher conversion rates. In order for an Email Marketing Campaign to be successful it is vital that Digital Marketers must follow a helpful Email Marketing best practice guide.

Bulk Email Marketing Best Practices:

Sending bulk emails is easier when you go through a robust Email Service Provider that will take care of automated triggered emails, dedicated IPs, SMTP server etc. so that your emails get delivered to the end-recipient when you want.

However, businesses and Digital Marketers must also remember that to adhere to best practises one must pay special attention to Email Marketing Do’s And Don’ts.

Do’s and Don’ts for Beginners In Email Marketing :


  • First of all look for an Email Service Provider like Alpha Sandesh that has helpful features like email automation, Google Analytics syncing, in-built email designer, spam checks, contact list management, spam filter etc.

  • It is good to experiment with different subject lines and call to action button so that you know what works and what doesn’t work.

  • Keep yourself updated about the latest trends in Digital Marketing by either taking a professional course in Digital Marketing or through self-learning.

  • Keep the tone of your emails friendly.


  • Don’t write a sales oriented email, which will instantly put off the reader thinking that you are after their money

  • Don’t just write an email for the sake of writing, rather do your research and then pen down your thoughts on it and build your email content

  • Don’t use keywords that will trigger your email as spam, spam filter is an important part of your email.

Email Marketing Guide

Do’s and Don’ts for Email Writing:


  • Have an explicit subject line so that your contacts know what lies inside the email.

  • Address your reader with a friendly salutation.

  • Always re-check your emails for spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes.

  • 90% times readers may not know your brand, so give a good and understandable gist about your products and services in simple language.

  • Give time to writing replies to queries of customers, this will help you build a good rapport and they will know that you are available to help them.

  • Add a Call-to-Action link that leads your readers to your website, this will help in bringing up your conversion rates.

  • Test your emails by sending them to yourself or someone who could give you their feedback and implement the suggested changes, this can deemed as one of the best practises in Email Marketing.


  • Having confusing or misleading subject lines will make your contact uncomfortable and will fail to click your emails.

  • Not so appealing emails do not even get opened, without any clickable or attractive subject line your emails will end up in the Trash Bin.

  • Don’t beat around the bush when you write the email content, come to the point.

  • Don’t use industry jargon, readers will feel you are boasting and will not understand anything and simply delete your emails.

  • Don’t clutter your emails with lots of special characters or links.

Do’s and Don’ts for Professional Emails:


  • Keep a segmented list of contacts based on your reader’s age, interests, location etc. and create emails according to the segments.

  • Build on a list of email contacts the right way through subscriptions.

  • Personalize your emails so that email readers feel welcomed.

  • Automate your emails for triggers like welcome email (as soon as a reader subscribes), birthdays, anniversaries, follow-up email after welcome email etc.

  • Schedule your emails according to your reader’s location and time zone, for example if a customer is in the USA, sending them your follow-up email is going to get noticed by them in the morning around 10 a.m. rather than in the night.

  • Always monitor and analyse your email campaigns, reviewing every 2 weeks is a good practice to know how your campaign has been doing and does it need any tweaking.

  • Have an Unsubscribe link for customers to easily unsubscribe if they wish to.

  • Make your email campaigns optimized and are compatible with all devices, laptops, mobiles and desktops, so that no matter on what device the reader opens the email its appearance does not change.


  • It is not ethical to buy contact lists, that way you not only get blocked by the email reader for sending unsolicited emails but also are not focused on your target audience and are wasting your time and resources.

  • Sending emails to unsubscribed contacts is in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act, hence beware of doing that.

  • Sending a common email to all contacts is pointless and not going to help you build trust and confidence, rather your emails can be labelled as Spam.

Following the Do’s and Don’ts in Email Marketing Strategies have worked wonders for businesses in improving their ROI by reaching the right audience the right way.

Start your email marketing campaigns the right way with Alpha Sandesh from the scratch and see how your campaigns will eventually grow your business income and customer numbers.


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