February 19th 2021 is marked as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti as it is celebrated as the 391st Birthday of the Maratha King. He was born in 1630 in the Shivneri Fort near Junnar, Pune District Maharashtra in the Bhonsle Clan of the Marathas. He was named Shivaji Bhonsle after the Goddess Shivai Devi, whose temple is located inside the fort. Shivaji Jayanti falls every year on 19th February. The Jayanti is especially celebrated in Maharashtra…

Shivaji Jayanti falls every year on 19thFeb
Shivaji Jayanti falls every year on 19thFeb

He was a great warrior of the Marathas and hence was christened with the name Chhatrapati meaning “the King of the Marathas”. He was instrumental in reviving the Hindu political traditions from ancient India and court conventions. He also promoted the use of Marathi language. He was also known to have setup up the Maratha Navy which guarded the coast of Maharashtra against invaders.

Alpha InfoLab remembers Chhatrapati Shivaji on this day and pays respect to his valiant fight for Indian Independence and his belief in Hindavi Swarajya (Indian self-rule).


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