Bulk Email Marketing solutions that fit your unique business needs and size, how?

For bulk email marketing solutions to fit your unique business needs and size, you need to rely on a good Bulk Email Sender Service like Alpha Sandesh.

For making things easier for you, we have listed some of the important Email Marketing tools you must look for in an Email Marketing Service Provider.

  • Email Campaign Marketing:

  1. Every other email marketing service has the tool to create your own email marketing campaign, but then does not really help you to market this email campaign. This is where Alpha Sandesh is different from the others.

  2. Every campaign you create with Garuda (Bulk Email Marketing software of Alpha Sandesh) can be promoted successfully through their best VPS Server services. All bulk emails have guaranteed deliverability and CAN-SPAM compliance is also taken care of.

  3. You can also create a registration or sign-up form on your website and connect it to your email address, this will help you to know the email addresses who have registered and accordingly send the future and targeted emails to registered users.

  • Personalized Bulk Email:

  1. Bulk Email when personalized standout, your recipient is more likely to open it and proceed towards clicking the website link.

  2. It is very effective in building a good rapport with your recipients on a personal level.

  3. Your recipients will also trust and open your future emails.

  4. When you personalize your emails, you are customizing the fields with first name, last name, company name, date of birth, etc., so that your emails are formatted according to your recipient’s interests, behavior or location.

  • Free Email Marketing Autoresponder: This tool or feature is a blessing in disguise. When you send bulk emails, automating them is one of the best things you can do to your email campaign.

  1. With an autoresponder, you can set up triggers and accordingly have trigger emails. For example, if you have sent 1000 intro emails, and out of those 800 recipients opened or clicked your email, so these 800 will receive the next set of emails.

  2. With an autoresponder, you can create targeted emails which also save you time and resources.

  3. You can have multiple autoresponder campaigns on a single list of contacts.

  4. Autoresponder helps you to organize your email campaigns and how you send future emails to your contact lists.

  5. You can also schedule Email Campaigns, this way you can send emails say, once a day or thrice a week, etc. When you look at the statistics of sent emails, you will also know the time or day of the week the recipient has opened your email, this data will help you to schedule your emails according to your recipient’s email open behavior.

  • Cold Email Marketing Services:

  1. Sending cold emails is tricky since you are not sure if your recipient would like your product or service or not. Hence, creating the subject line and the email content is crucial to gauge your recipient’s attention.

  2. When you send cold emails, you can also segment contact lists depending on the domain. For example, you want to send emails to recipients with yahoo domain email address, if you have a product or service which they will benefit from.

  • Email Marketing Statistics:

  1. Checking your email marketing statistics is also very important for you to know how your email campaigns have been doing.

  2. You can check the open rates, click-through rates, bounced – soft bounce (if the soft bounce happened due to spammy content, then you will know in the statistics, then you can change the content or remove or avoid using spammy keywords) and hard bounce (define criteria for Hard bounce, like send 3 emails to the email address and if they are hard bounced then delete the email address from your list).

  1. In the US, your emails must adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act, and in Europe, you must adhere to GDPR rules. This you can easily do using our Bulk Email Sending Software, Garuda.

  2. You can create a Suppression List where you add all the email addresses who have unsubscribed and you will not send any future emails to them.

  3. This will help you to only send your email campaigns to opt-in or double opt-in email addresses.

Hence, Alpha Sandesh is one of the best Email Autoresponder Service Providers in the market which gives you complete control of your email campaigns and helps you to monitor and accordingly modify your campaigns depending on your recipient’s behavior.

Increase your business ROI with bulk email marketing solutions from Alpha Sandesh.

Speak to our Email Marketing Experts now to customize, fit and scale solutions according to your business needs and size.

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