Best ways to increase sales via email marketing in the year 2019

The two most important aims for any business would be to looks for different avenues to widen their audience reach and increase sales eventually. These two, however, go hand-in-hand. Once you fulfill the first aim of widening your audience reach, your sales will see a subsequent rise. The most popular and reliable way to reach potential customers is through Mass marketing email services.

What is Bulk Email Marketing?

Bulk email marketing is a process where businesses plan, manage and deliver emails with promotional content to be sent to millions of users in bulk.

What are the benefits of Bulk Email Service?

Now that we know the meaning of bulk email marketing and who provides this service, let’s also understand the various benefits of Bulk Emailing:

  • Reach millions with a single campaign: It enables a business to run a single campaign and send them to million subscribers at once.

  • Easy to manage huge contact lists: Huge list of subscribers can be easily managed. You can even keep them under different categories like sales lead list, interests, buying habits, inactive subscribers, etc.

  • Can be monitored accurately: You can easily monitor the statistics of how your email campaigns are going. You can see the email open rate, email link confirmation rate, sales leads, ROI generated, etc. This enables your business to analyze and accordingly modify the campaigns depending on the reports to get desired results.

  • Reach target customers: Targeting customers with the right emails is possible with the help of a reputed bulk email sending service provider.

  • Brand Awareness: Many times customers may not be aware of all the products and services you offer.

  • Automated: The whole process can be automated, especially have triggers for special occasions like mother’s day, women’s day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This allows special emails to be sent to customers on special days.

  • Multiple campaigns: The easy list organizing lets you prepare multiple campaigns according to the categories and hence, emails reach the right target audience.

  • Personalized campaigns: With the dawn of AI or artificial intelligence, you can still personalize the emails with the first name or company name, etc. This is a super hidden feature which is totally revolutionary. Imagine you get an email with your first name, you feel so important and happy, that is what your customer will feel.

  • Spam Complaint: The Spam complaint feature is another great attribute to email marketing. You can also check if the content you are using in the email is spam free keywords. This makes sure your hard earned email reaches your customer’s inbox and not end up in their spam folder.

  • Double Opt-In emails: The main aim for any business is to make sure the customer who received your email accepts to receive correspondence from you in the future. The first opt-in step is when the customer subscribes to your emails and you send them a welcome email. In this welcome email, the second opt-in step starts, wherein the customer verifies their email address by clicking on an ‘email confirmation link’ which you embedded in the welcome email and confirms that they would like to receive future emails from your business about products and services, promotions, offers, etc.

  • Drives Sales: It is a proven fact that email marketing drives more sales than any other digital marketing avenue.

  • High ROI: The ROI or return on investment is pretty good than any other digital marketing avenue, with a $32 return on a $1 investment (DMA, 2018 study), an amazing return rate of 3100%.

  • 1-1 Customer Interaction: The unique feature of email marketing is that businesses can stay in touch with customers on a 1-1basis. Customer interaction grows since customers can get in touch with the business whenever they want through an email, receive a weekly or monthly newsletter from the business, and get up-to-date information about latest products, services, offers, and discounts.

Increase Sale In Year 2019

Who provides Email Marketing Services?

Email marketing service can be taken from Alpha Sandesh or alternatively, businesses can also buy any of best bulk email marketing software.

Who can benefit from an email marketing service?

  • Businesses: Their customer base widens, sales go up and profits increase.

  • Marketers: Digital Marketing companies who offer their bulk email marketing software to businesses, tend to see an increase in their profits.

  • Customers: This is no doubt that ‘Customer is the king’, he/she is always looking for products which are useful, and when they become aware of brands and businesses through the email marketing plan, they start to trust the business and are eager to know about their products and services. If the customer service provided by a business is exceptional, they can also become a loyal customer in the long run. Customer satisfaction is what lets a customer stay loyal to a business or brand.

What are the best ways to increase sales via email marketing in the year 2019?

  1. Rich content – The key to increase chances of getting a sale, is to use a compelling subject-line so that the customer is motivated to open your email and then have a keyword-rich content giving them all the ‘to-the-point information’ they need about your products.

  2. Call-to-action: A call-for-action button placed strategically inside the content or at the end of the content is crucial to prompt the customer to click on the button and take them straight to your website page.

  3. Implement the latest trends: Just being aware of the latest trends and techniques is not enough, implementing them in your campaigns is important and delivers results. Which trends may work for you and which may not help you in reanalyzing and revamping your campaign. Example, personalizing your emails or using video and images in your email, recommended tips by experts.

  4. Know what your competitors are doing: There is no harm in subscribing to your competitor’s emails, it is, in fact, a good and progressive marketing tactic, since you will be informed about their campaigns. You may be surprised to know how much you can learn from it, jot down all the good points and ideas from it and mold and implement them in your own way, but do not copy and paste, that is unprofessional and illegal.

  5. Publish statistics on your campaign research: While running your own campaigns, you may have gained quite a bit of experience, collected data and statistics on your campaigns using Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses Artificial Intelligence to give you automatic insights and gives you apt data about how your campaigns run, from which demography do your customers belong to, email open rates, click-through rates, etc. It will be amazing if you use all this data in a study or research. When you conduct, prepare and publish your research statistics, you are generating traffic to your website. SERP (search engine results page) ranks website pages which impart useful and helpful information, hence, you are sitting on a gold mine of traffic coming your way.

  6. Personal or informal email tone – These days, emails are adopting a tone that is personal as well as informal as if you are writing to a friend. Let the customer feel and know that you care about them and want them to benefit from the unique features and services of your products.

A business needs to be flexible to constant changes around it and adapt them whenever needed. Whether it is one email marketing campaign or multiple, each and everyone must be unique but deliver the same message, promotion of your products and services in a subtle manner.


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