Best Dedicated Server Hosting features in 2020

There are so many online Linux hosting services which you must have come across when you are looking to set up a dedicated server for your business, but often end up confused. It is very common to opt for a service that offers you something free, but you end up paying more in terms of hidden costs which you had not imagined at all (Best Dedicated Server Hosting 2020).


Best Dedicated Server Hosting 2020

Best Dedicated Server Hosting 2020


To ease this confusion and help you come to the right decision, experts at Alpha Vbox have listed the five best features to look for in a dedicated server in 2020 (Best Dedicated Server Hosting 2020). 

  1. Faster server: Your website server must be very fast, lowering loading time to a minimal level. The visitors to your website must be able to browse through every page with ease and enjoy uninterrupted website uptime. Study shows that nearly 47% people leave the website if the waiting time for page load is more than 6 seconds, and when page load is less than 5 seconds, then visitors may be on your website for 70% more time.
  2. Complete Control Panel Access: Your website is better managed by you since you know everything about it, hence you must have complete access to the control panel meaning all Administrative rights must be yours giving you complete control of your website all the time.
  3. SSL Certificate: Data of every visitor, email addresses of subscribers, and any other important business information but be safe, secure, and in encrypted form. You mustn’t go with a cheap Linux server hosting with a free SSL Certificate since it is advisable to go for a paid SSL Certificate to get maximum protection for your website. A good read is – Keep your website safe with the right SSL Certificate.
  4. Multiple Operating Systems: Your business has many functions and for these functions, you may require to use different Operating Systems like Windows, Linus, Unix, etc. Hence your server must allow multiple OSs to facilitate the smooth and effortless business operations. 
  5. Scalability: Your business could be small right now and may not need huge disk space, but it may be 6 months or 1 year, your business could expand exponentially, so keeping your future business growth, the Linux web hosting server you choose must have the ability to scale up or down. 

When you buy Server Hosting, keeping all these features in mind could save you from choosing the wrong cheap website hosting server services (Best Dedicated Server Hosting 2020). 

Apart from the above features, the hosting provider must provide you with a Dedicated server with dedicated IPs, unmetered monthly bandwidth, compatible and responsive website to all kinds of users, and have unlimited web hosting plans to fit your business budget. All the above features are prerequisites with Alpha VBox. 

So, why settle for an average hosting service? when you can go with Alpha Vbox now and avoid wandering elsewhere and save your time and money to avail of the benefits of the best Unlimited Hosting Services

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