Ask for online reviews from customers through emails

It is so very common now-a-days to read online reviews of businesses whether you have travel plans or whether you want to buy something from the best companies, so why not initiate online business reviews for your own website where existing customers and potential customers can write and read reviews of your services or products.

Email Marketing reviews is one of the clever ways to ask for reviews, since it not only gives you a chance to connect with your customers, but also shows them that you care for their opinion or feedback about your services and products.

Asking for online customer reviews is a tricky move however, since you must be ready to receive positive reviews as well as negative reviews. Handling negative reviews promptly and politely is the key to appear professional and helpful. Providing a solution in your reply will encourage future posts and this is how to improve online reviews and convert negative reviews to positive reviews.

Alpha Sandesh Case Study:

When we started out with Alpha Sandesh, our main goal was to create a positive business persona and aimed to receive many bulk email software reviews. To achieve this we used our own Email Marketing software, Garuda to send out bulk emails to our clients and subscribers.

No doubt, Email Marketing turned out to be a great way to request for review for us and we received more positive feedback than ever. However, it is very important to manage reviews in an effective way.

Why are reviews important?

  • We built a strong Alpha Sandesh – customer relationship

  • We converted leads to customers who browsed on our website but did not contact us directly

  • We found that when you get online reviews for your business, it is great to have follow-up emails.

When is the right time to send an email to customers?

The best time to ask for a review from a customer when you have maximum customer engagement:

  • When a customer purchases from your website

  • Cart abandonment by the customer

  • Website abandonment after sharing their email address

How to encourage customers to write reviews and get more for your small business?

  • Automate Emails: Email automation is an advanced email marketing feature provided by Alpha Sandesh. It is a great way to send online review requests to customers. You can place triggers for the mail automation to work like magic for you, like website or cart abandonment or purchase made by a customer.

  • Enticing Subject Line: With full inboxes, many recipients may not read your email at all where you are requesting an online review. What may have gone wrong? Most likely, your email subject line was not enticing enough, so make sure your subject line prompts your subscriber to open your email.

  • Send Reminder Emails: Sometimes it is essential to send 2-3 reminder emails to recipients about taking the online review, maybe they did not read your first 2 emails or maybe they were too busy then or they may not have felt an urgent need to review your business. But when you send reminder emails, the recipient will know that his or her is important to you and will submit their review.

  • Include an offer or discount: Who doesn’t love a great offer or discount? We all do. Studies have showed many email recipients or leads convert to paying customers when an offer or discount is included in an online review email.

  • Thank you Email: Don’t’ forget to send a thank you email to thank your customers who completed the review, this initiates a bond of trust and goodwill.

  • Refer to friend Email: An Email to ask your recipient to refer a friend after you receive a review from customer about your business. This email is extremely important and helps you reach and explore your recipient’s contact lists.

The above are some of the proven ways of how to get online reviews for your business.

We at Alpha Sandesh believe that through effective Email Marketing your business will be able to increase positive online reviews, call us now to know how to increase online reviews.


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