Alpha InfoLab Inc. is proud to announce that it successfully made it’s the biggest deal with IP sale to Etisalat in July 2020. This was an intra RIR transfer – APNIC to APNIC (biggest APNIC Block sale to Etisalat).


biggest APNIC Block sale to Etisalat
biggest APNIC Block sale to Etisalat


The selling company is one of the biggest Australian Telecom companies from Australia who sold /19 APNIC block to Etisalat through Alpha InfoLab Inc., official broker, and facilitator for IPv4. Etisalat bought 8192 IPs of the /19 block through Alpha InfoLab Inc (biggest APNIC Block sale to Etisalat).

The /19 APNIC block was available for sale on Alpha InfoLab’s Exchange Platform According to Alpha InfoLab officials, “The deal was between Etisalat, UAE’s biggest Telecom company and an Australian Telecom Company. The Australian Telecom company was open to selling/19 blocks registered with APNIC. After a lot of negotiations on the price, Etisalat bought the /19 APNIC block. We thoroughly inspected the IP’s, to check if the IP’s were clean and had very good IP reputation before an offer was made to Etisalat. All necessary RIR guidelines were followed to facilitate between the buyer and seller to successfully complete all the steps leading to the sale. The sale was completed through safe and secure ESCROW payment (biggest APNIC Block sale to Etisalat).”

Alpha InfoLab Inc. provides three IPv4 Broker services, namely:

Basic Service (free, only access to blogs and statistics)

Consultancy Service (Resources, IPv4 Market Price, Transfer Process, Money Transfer, Due diligence of resources)

Executive Service (IPv4 cost price negotiation, zero-risk fund transfer, hassle-free resources transfer, transparent and smooth transaction process, Due diligence of resources)

About Alpha InfoLab Inc.:

Alpha InfoLab, Inc. is an independent company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Alpha InfoLab Inc. is an official Broker and Facilitator for IPv4. It is also accredited and felicitated by Siliconindia as one among the top 10 Indian companies for Ad serving and re-targeting software provider. It provides the best IT Solutions and Services, Provider.

Alpha InfoLab Inc. is broker and facilitator of IPv4 for RIPE-NCC, ARIN, APNIC
We also deal in AFRINIC and LACNIC IPs

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