Every few years the world sees an outbreak of infections and diseases that have from time to time infected people causing serious health problems and even loss of lives. It is our moral duty to think of the world at large to fight against infections.

Alpha HPK

There is a need to think of Ayurveda now, give it the due respect it needs and start using medicinal herbs and natural products that help us in guarding and treating against infections. How can we help the world? Shouldn’t we look back into ancient history on how they dealt with pandemic outbreaks? So, Alpha Arogya just did that. In ancient world the rishi munnis relied on Ayurveda to fight diseases and that is why we brought Alpha HPK to the forefront.

Alpha Arogya, an Ayurvedic wing of Alpha InfoLab has been since many years advocated the benefits of Ayurveda and it is time, we acknowledge that it is the way to go and this we can start doing is by using Alpha HPK on a daily basis and making our bodies stronger.

Alpha HPK is a Health Protection Kit that gives you and your family an all-round protection against germs and infections that could pose a threat to your life. Alpha HPK is an ayurvedic product that poses as a shield for your body to fight against any kind of foreign agent that could harm your body. The best part is that it is made from ancient Ayurvedic herbs that have been carefully used to provide their natural healing elements to made our body stronger.

Alpha HPK consists of three Alpha Arogya products:

  1. Alpha 1 – A body is strong when it’s immunity to fight against infections is stronger and that is what Alpha 1 provides. After oral consumption of Alpha 1, you equip your body to build strong immune cells.
  2. Alpha 11 – Many types flu’s have symptoms like cold and headache and Alpha 11 treats just that. When you apply Alpha 11 on the nose and upper forehead and temples, you will feel instant relief from the symptoms.
  3. Alpha 21 – Cough is the starting point for infections like viral or bacterial infections, they could lead to ear infections or throat infections, pneumonia, etc. and could even lead to death.

It is vital that we take a step back and think about ourselves and think of natural ways to protect ourselves from diseases and infections. We need to think about Herd Immunity and that is possible if we ourselves take Alpha HPK and also encourage others to do so in order to have a fighting chance of surviving against infections and diseases.

We don’t need more chemical based medicines to pollute and weaken our bodies rather we must think of herbal and natural products like Alpha HPK that do not pose any side effects and are gentle to our body but stringent on infections.

Consider Alpha HPK as your Ayurvedic Life Insurance that makes sure that your body is always on a guard against infections. Alpha HPK is to support a healthy lifestyle. Instead of chemical based over the counter medicines that could eventually be harmful for your internal organs like kidney, heart, liver etc., going with Alpha HPK is a way better choice that can actually makes your immune system strong and helps it to fight dangerous infections and diseases on its own without the help of chemical based medicines.

So, are you ready to fight infections with your family? Yes, we know you are. So, get Alpha HPK today and fight against infections with Ayurveda and win the infections battle.


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