As you know, Digital Marketing Solutions are omnipresent today and Startups have limited funds to run their business operations. Their main motive is to woo the investors so, that they can grow products and services all over the world. In order to justify the reach, the use of Digital Marketing is an important factor to consider, although there are some ways every founder should leverage online marketing and social media to grow businesses.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

1.) Add Real People

Social media is a great channel to raise your brand’s goodwill, but when you choose to add fake likes and comments (20K Followers on Instagram) it remains unheard. If your friends’ list is fake then even posting the best posts will hardly get noticed by anyone. Mediums like Facebook, Insta, Google + serve ads to a group of people who is your follower (not all users). In case, if you found them fake and no engagement is involved, then social media will not spread the post to the next level.

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2. Have Focus on Your Target Audience

At the early stage, it is obvious every startup companies get overexcited and reach out to everyone. However, as exciting it may like, it is also necessary to stay focused on your target customers who are likely to give you business projects.

For example; If you are selling brand accessories and your audience is set to everyone, you might get some sales but not as many as you’re expecting. So, it is likely important to set target customers according to age, region, gender etc and this would definitely maximize your returns of digital marketing campaigns.

3. Audience Engagement
Experts says, marketing tactics should not like you are doing marketing. Your company posts is always business-centric, engaging your customers is more important than anything. Do Question and Answer sessions, quizzes for a better interaction, tag relevant users, post creative graphics and videos with an interesting question can be a great deal in engaging your audience.

4. Content is still the King
Of course, No deny in the fact that content marketing is still the kind but some Digital Marketing Solution Providers undermine it time and again. While suggesting the content to writer keep these 3 things in mind:

i. Is it relevant in your industry?

ii. Which is your target market?

iii. Who is your exisiting customers?

Developing a good content strategy can consistently increase your audience engagement. Make sure it is unique and clear messages will be formulated. Someone truely stated that, ‘’Content is the reason the search began’’.


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  3. I found it really interesting that a company should keep in mind any of their existing customers when they make new decisions. I don’t own a business, but I know that I would want to keep my existing customers happy. If I ever start a business, I will be sure to value my existing customers!

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    And yes digital marketing is breaking all the bars today and giving a businessman more chances to grow his business faster and across the world. But as a new startup many things have to be think and this article is very for all such new startups.

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