It is a proud moment for India to celebrate 75 years of Independence from the British in August 15th 1947. Alpha InfoLab wishes everyone a Happy 75th Independence Day 2021.

75 Independence day 2021 - Alpha InfoLab Wishes

All About Independence Day:

Though India’s independence is a joyous moment for all Indians, it reminds us about the sacrifices and hardships faced by common people. The struggle for Independence started in 1857 when Indian’s rebelled against the British East Indian Company, but were unsuccessful. However, this sparked a light to achieve independence for the country among the young people and is said to be the First War of Independence. The British East India Company levied a lot of tax reforms that hurt the Indian citizens, especially the farmers. Some of the Maharajas joined the British, whereas some revolted against them. However, this struggle for independence was long and painful, but finally on August 15th 1947, India has declared an independent country.

On Independence Day, “Address to the Nation” is delivered by the President of India and the Prime Minister hoists the National Flag on the Red Fort in the Indian Capital of New Delhi. To honour the freedom fighters who dies for our independence, twenty-one gun shots are fire in the air. The Prime Minister in his speech talks about the past year’s achievements and the future developments of the country. The highlight of the day is to sing the Indian National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana” with pride. There is a march past ceremony by the Armed Forces and paramilitary forces, parades and pageants.

In individual states, the Chief Ministers unfurl the national flag and observe parades and pageants.

How to celebrate independence day?

Independence Day Celebrations commence early in the morning around 8:00 a.m. Flag hoisting ceremonies are conduct in government and private institutions. People attend and enjoy cultural programs. It is a fervent moment and you will see people decorating their shops, schools, government buildings. Many leaders also remember and salute the freedom fighters who died for our independence.

What is the importance of independence day?

Independence Day is an important landmark in the history of India and the present place it takes in the global economy. Despite starting out as a new and young country, India fast tracked into building the country from ground up. Our leaders at that time were responsible for creating harmony and equality for all Indians. The different industries were prioritizing like Agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, Education, Healthcare etc. Numerous reforms made across the country and education for all given priority.

Alpha InfoLab too celebrate the day with pride. Though it is a National Holiday, all Infolabians celebrate this day at home with their families.

About Alpha InfoLab:

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