7 Email Marketing Trends to Increase Your Sales In 2020

Today, 21st April is International Creativity and Innovation Day 2020, meaning today is celebrated to honour the people around the globe who performed creative and innovative activities. This day was recognized and established by the United Nations, #WCID.

Email Marketing Trends

And Why are we talking about it here? Innovation and creation of emails has made everyone’s lives so much simpler and faster way to communicate in a professional manner, especially for businesses. So, we remember Ray Tomlinson who was part of the ARPANET program in 1971 for creating emails.

Email then evolved to be used as a form of Marketing, popularly known as Email Marketing. This has impacted businesses in a positive way. How? by paving a way for a business like yours to reach out to consumers who want to hear from you about products and services they provide. Let’s fast forward to 2020, and see the latest trends in Email Marketing that marketers have been using.

7 Email Marketing Trends of 2020 to increase sales:

  1. User generated content: User generated content comes from user comments, testimonials that users or customers of a brand have posted on brand website or social media platforms. How to use user-Generated Content in Emails? It is key for any brand to utilize user generated content to show other potential users or customers about the highlights of your products and services. You can do this by a) highlighting the 4 and 5 star reviews, b) include the 3 best testimonials where the testimony is pin pointing to a special service of yours like Customer support or c) if you have a picture of the customer using the product or service then it clearly shows the message that your brand is a star brand.
  2. Less is more: The trend now is to go with less design and less content in your email. People are so busy that they do not have time to go through a lengthy email. So, keep your emails precise, with images preferably and to the point. You must spill out the purpose of your email and what action you want your recipient to take, meaning, email accessibility through minimalist layouts.
  3. Personalized emails: While sending bulk segmented emails, it can be difficult to send personalized emails, hence, choosing the right Bulk Mail Sender Software will provide you with advanced tools where every email message is personalized giving you an open rate of 19% and a click rate of 2.5%.
  4. Responsive Emails: You will be surprised to know as to how many people read emails on mobile? Numbers by eMailmonday shows that more than 51% people open emails on their mobile and more than 70% people check their email in a mobile app according to Google. This means that your emails must be responsive to mobile users too, hence your choice of Bulk Mail Service Provider must have advanced email templates that can be optimized according to the users.
  1. Bring Social Media into play: With nearly 70% people using social media to reach brands it needs to be integrated in your emails. Embed your social media page links with social media icons in your emails and encourage people to share this email on their social media accounts and like your social media pages. This increases your social media footprint and also motivates recipients to like your brand.
  2. Include Videos: Emails with videos of your products and services will gauge more attention of readers than plain content, nearly 2- 3 times more. Many businesses vouch that click-throughs with a video in an email increased by 95%, which is huge. So, create an informative video of your products and services and see the magic work.
  3. Tell your story: Everyone loves stories that are interesting and motivating, if your business is such where your brand story needs to be told, then brand storytelling is the new trend in email marketing. Make it simple, best with images or a video, your journey to where you have reached now will give credibility to your products and services and helps readers to trust your brand.

The above email marketing trends for 2020 will surely help you increase open rates, click throughs and sales. For this to be successful, you must rely on a trusted email marketing partner like Alpha Sandesh that provides an all-in-one solution that is customized according to your requirements. The solution incorporates a robust SMTP Server to help you send bulk emails with high deliverability without spamming and an advanced and intelligent Email Software like Garuda Intelligent Mailer in order to get high conversions through emails. So, get your emails to generate profits for you with Alpha Sandesh.

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