7 Effective Ways to Send Spam-Free Bulk Emails

Spam free Bulk Emails: Bulk mailing is very much an integral part of Email Marketing and that is what drives sales for businesses. However, the biggest problem businesses fail is when they send bulk emails that get labelled as Spam by big domains like Google or Yahoo. If your business is facing this issue, then it is time you change to an expert Bulk Mail Service Provider. 

Spamming is something which many businesses resort to in email marketing, which is totally non-compliant with CAN SPAM Act. And the most asked questions are,How to avoid emails going to spam?”, “How to send mass email without being marked as spam?” Is there is a way around to avoid spamming? Yes, there is!!



How to send bulk emails without spamming?

Sending bulk emails without getting blacklisted can be done using strategic planning for each email campaign and following it through to the tee. Below are 7 ways through which you can create spam free email campaign and send spam free bulk emails to your contact list and get high email deliverability:

  1. Use Dedicated IP addresses and SMTP server:

Using dedicated IPs will help you to use those IPs only for emailing and will not affect your business IPs. An advantage of going through an advanced SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server is that it is built specifically to deliver bulk emails quickly, proficiently and compatible with any Bulk Mail Sender Software. Not sure how many IPs you require for email marketing? Speak to our experts today and get a quote.

  1. Permission-based Contact List:

Use only Double Opt-in contact list, this will make sure your contacts have subscribed to receive promotional emails from you and have given you permission to send them.

  1. Use Spam-free Subject lines:

The true recipe to enjoy high email open rates is using subject lines that do not appear as spam. A good email software will have a great feature like subject line rotation, so that your emails remain fresh and do not appear as spam.

  1. Clear out email contacts that are inactive:

Removing inactive emails or contacts who have not even opened your emails in the last 3-4 times you sent it means they may no longer be interested, so you can sort your contact list accordingly. Spam filters could mark your bulk emails as spam also based on the ratio of – number of emails sent: number of contacts. So, you have to make sure you maintain a good ratio.

  1. Analyse your previous campaigns:

 To understand the time and day when your contacts had opened or more likely to open your emails will help you analyse your email sending times, and then accordingly send your emails by segmenting your contact list for different times and days. Point to be noted here is that your email sending frequency is also important, especially popular domains like Google or Yahoo, so make sure you send once or twice a week so that your IPs do not get blocked or blacklisted for spamming.

  1. Add your official brand name in the sender field:

Do not underestimate the power of your brand, emails coming from an official email address get delivered to inboxes rather than a doggy sounding email address. Another advantage of using an official email address is that almost 70% to 80% remember people with the brand they represent. For example, ‘Mr. Goyal from Alpha InfoLab or Alpha InfoLab Team. So, it is good to send emails with your name or team name in the sender field for your recipient to quickly relate you to your business. This also helps when your recipients forward your emails to their contacts, you establish a personal as well as a professional relationship with your recipients.

  1. CAN SPAM Compliance:

It is needless to say that adhering to the
CAN SPAM Act is mandatory for every business sending Bulk Email campaigns to their subscribers.

With the growing use of various forms of Digital Marketing globally, companies and businesses use Email Marketing as an essential tool for online marketing. Businesses need Mailing and Marketing Solutions that are affordable and reliable with advanced Email sending service in order to be on top of their competitors, and stay in touch with as many customers through your email campaigns as possible.

This is where Alpha InfoLab, Digital Marketing Company steps in, where it provides unique and bespoke bulk email campaign services through Alpha Sandesh. Feel free to connect with our Marketing experts today for more information about products and services.


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