With lockdown continuing in most countries and no sign of a vaccine or cure in sight, many businesses around the world have already shutdown and many are on the verge of closing down because they are offline. 

Offline Business

Are you looking to fight through this situation and save your business? Yes. Do you want to own a website? Yes, then you need help and are on the right path. It is high time that your business goes digital to save it and reach billions of potential customers who use the internet all around the world. 

Your business needs a specialist with reputation and a loyal clientele like Alpha InfoLab. It is a Website Development Company with more services in Website and server hosting, App Development and Digital Marketing. 

Your business needs a website since it is a window to showcase your products and services and is another channel to increase sales, collaborate with businesses and create business opportunities.  business that already has a website but has a poor design, then your chances of converting visitors into leads is nil. Study shows that 57% people may not shop on your website nor recommend it to others if you have a poor website design. That is a huge number of people and you cannot afford to make them do that and that is why you need experts to come in and change this. 


Your website also must be responsive to mobile users, since more than 85% people use their mobiles to browse for websites they want to shop on. You can also think about launching your business App for Iphone and Android users. You can think this as a long-term investment for your business. Speak to our IT Development company experts for your business and get an affordable and customized solution. 


 2. Website Hosting


Just having a website is not enough, you need to make sure that it is securely hosted on a robust server. SSL Certificate is also of importance to make sure your website data and company data are all encrypted and secure. Your website speed also must be top notch to make sure your visitors enjoy browsing on your website. Your business may also require secure IP addresses and data privacy. For all hosting related queries please connect with our Hosting experts today.


 3. Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing is very important these days for your business to create a brand image and connect with your potential clients through social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Insta gram etc. It is an essential part job and needs expertise.


4. Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization involves a lot of elements like keyword tracking, advanced SEO tools, page ranking on search engines, organic searches and more. Even here you need expertise and knowledge. 


     5. Content Marketing


Content Marketing is another way of bringing organic searches and is a vital part in your SEO efforts. Your website and blog pages must have content which is original as well as provide value to your readers. It must highlight the star points of your products and services and help them realize how your client could benefit from your products and services. 


    6. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is another avenue which could bring more business and clients your way. You can pay commissions to advertisers to sell your products and services or you can sell others products and services and earn good commissions. Either way it will help further your business opportunities. 

For all Digital Marketing services speak to our experts, who will understand your requirements and accordingly guide you to the right solution based on your budget.

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