5 Reasons Why Your Emails Bounce and How to Avoid It?

Email Marketing for your business may nt work many times owing to emails bounce problems causing your email campaigns to completely fail. But, then how can you avoid bouncing emails. 


Emails Bounce


This is where you need a reputed Service Provider for mass mailing that allows the minutest email bounce rate. It is very common practice for businesses to opt for cheap email marketing service provider which could ultimately lead to their IP getting banned due to bulk email sending or have very high bounce rate. 


The email bounce is of two types:


  1. Email Soft Bounce: This is temporary in nature and are not serious in nature.  
  2. Email Hard Bounce: These effect your email credibility and reputation due to sending bulk mail without consent of the recipient or blacklisting of your IP address. 


Why do emails get bounced?


There are 5 reasons that cause emails to bounce:

  1. IP blacklisted: If the IP of the server you are sending your emails from has been penalized or blacklisted for spamming, it mostly leads to hard bounces. 
  2. Spam: If the subject line of your email campaign includes spam words then your email is definitely going to see email hard bounce.
  3. Non-existence of email address: Another major reason emails get bounced is that the email address of the recipient does not exist. This is an ideal example of hard bounce. 
  4. Recipient server down: When the server of the recipient is down or is facing connection issues then you will see soft bounce. 
  5. Recipient inbox full: When the inbox of the recipient is full, it amounts to soft bounce.

How to avoid email bounce back?


  1. Join a reputed Bulk Email Service Provider in USA that provides mass email platform to reduce email bounce.
  2. A robust SMTP Server allows guaranteed deliverability of mass marketing emails with minimum or no bounces at all. 
  3. Email bounce tracking is another way to see the emails addresses which need to be removed from your contact list to reduce email bounce rate.  
  4. Spam checker allows you to avoid words that are spam in the email subject and the email content. 
  5. Make sure you send emails to only recipients who have agreed to receive your emails after completing double opt-in confirmation process. 
  6. Use dedicated IPs for Email Marketing and use them carefully by following the best practices of bulk mailing. 
  7. Have a clean contact list and segment them so that email campaigns are targeted based on the segmented lists. 
  8. Email security is one of the most important aspects which many Email Marketing programs lack, however a reliable Email Service Provider like Alpha Sandesh makes sure all emails are secure and authentication of SPF, DKIM and DMARC. 


Apart from the above ways to reduce and avoid email bounce, it is important to note that it is unethical and illegal to buy email lists. For an email marketing to work with very less bounce rate, the first thing to do is to create a credible contact list which is genuine and then everything follows. 


Guaranteed and high Email Deliverability rate is what you must look for and if any email service provider provides you with it like at Alpha Sandesh, then you must surely go with them. Speak to our Email Marketing specialists now to send high deliverable emails. 






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