Security audits in India amidst China cyber attacks risk

cyberattacks by Chinese hackers from Chinese servers

There have been official reports by DoT India about a series of cyber-attacks by Chinese hackers from Chinese servers. According to officials, there are nearly 10,000 attacks every day and malware with a CNC kind of attack pattern, i.e., Command and Control (cyberattacks by Chinese hackers from Chinese servers).    The DoT or Department of Telecommunication India […]

How is Digital Marketing being transformed by Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence Affects Digital Marketing

AI or Artificial Intelligence has taken Information Technology companies into a new era. The AI era, where every business has an opportunity to utilize this effect to create efficient and responsive business tools ( Artificial Intelligence Affects Digital Marketing).   Artificial Intelligence is machine intelligence that mimics cognitive intelligence (learning or problem solving) to give […]

How can you host your own website domain?

Having a business website is a plus point for any business, especially if you offer online products and services. If you do not have a website still, you are missing out on potential online customers. Having an online presence ensures that your business information is found easily by your customers and makes your products reachable […]

Create digital campaigns that are impactful

Digital Campaigns That Are Impactful

Is your marketing team struggling to get you new leads? Have you tried online Digital Marketing? As per studies, digital or internet marketing is one of the best ways to reach new leads without breaking your bank account, especially for SMEs (Digital Campaigns That Are Impactful).     In our earlier blog SME’s can find support in campaign […]

SMEs can find support in campaign offers and tools

Tools for SMEs and startups

SME’s have to keep trying to stay on top of their business competitors and lately post COVID-19, this process has difficult for many businesses. With a low workforce, slumping sales, and debtors not paying back, it can be difficult to float your products in the market (Tools for SMEs and startups).     However, Online Digital […]