6 Ways to save your offline business during lockdown

Offline Business

With lockdown continuing in most countries and no sign of a vaccine or cure in sight, many businesses around the world have already shutdown and many are on the verge of closing down because they are offline.  Are you looking to fight through this situation and save your business? Yes. Do you want to own […]

Improve Your Business Sales With Cold Email Marketing

Cold Email Marketing

Cold email marketing is where you send emails to recipients who have not received an email from you since they have not yet subscribed to get emails from you.  Now let us take a look at the Cold email marketing rule book to make sure you are doing things the right way: List building: Build […]

An Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server

For businesses who are solely dependent on online sales of their products and services, like say E-commerce websites, it can be overwhelming for them to narrow down the best yet cheap website hosting servers services, unless of course they have a technical team to guide them through the entire process. There are many online Linux […]

7 Email Marketing Trends to Increase Your Sales In 2020

Email Marketing Trends

Today, 21st April is International Creativity and Innovation Day 2020, meaning today is celebrated to honour the people around the globe who performed creative and innovative activities. This day was recognized and established by the United Nations, #WCID. And Why are we talking about it here? Innovation and creation of emails has made everyone’s lives […]

5 Reasons Why Your Emails Bounce and How to Avoid It?

Emails Bounce

Email Marketing for your business may nt work many times owing to emails bounce problems causing your email campaigns to completely fail. But, then how can you avoid bouncing emails.      This is where you need a reputed Service Provider for mass mailing that allows the minutest email bounce rate. It is very common […]

How to prevent DNS attacks. Tips and Practices?

DNS attacks

Businesses usually face a lot of hacking issues and DNS attacks, and unless they have a robust protection, important client and company information is at serious risk of exposure.    Companies must look at this problem as a way to scrutinize their present infrastructure and look to improve your online safety and security. For this […]

10 Email Marketing Frequency Best Practices for Marketers in 2020

Email Marketing Frequency

A business that lacks Email Marketing knowledge often gets email frequency wrong and is the larger reason why they give up on it after a while. So, how to get things right?      What is the right frequency of sending out emails? Since, we also provide Email Marketing service through Alpha Sandesh, we have […]