10 Factors For Successful Email Marketing

Businesses who want to be or are already on a fast-track road to success, ought to go through a slow and steady path. An inspirational quote by Steve Jobs is something businesses need to use as a yard-stick to reach where they need to be in the future. Steve Jobs said, “If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”

When businesses need to grow, expand and adapt to counter the competition, they are going to do many tasks simultaneously, like:

  • Adopt the changing technology

  • Stick out your business to amplified usage of mobile phones by users

  • Sharpen selling points to achieve boost in sales and most importantly of all

  • To increase flow of income from various avenues.

To be able to perform all the above tasks, it is vital that your business looks for avenues which does not break your bank account. There are affordable tools that businesses can rely on for tremendous results.

We have listed the following three low-end basic facilities cum marketing kit that will be instrumental in keeping your business one step ahead of your competitors:

    • Fast Internet accessibility

    • Structured marketing infrastructure, i.e., a cost-effective for Email Marketing.

    • Smart and efficient employees who can use the marketing infrastructure or best bulk email marketing services company

Email Marketing is an exceptional tool which businesses use to achieve five main goals:

  • To stay in touch with existing customers

  • Reach out to more potential customers

  • Promote products and services

  • To create brand awareness

  • Boost your business engagement

For businesses to stay focused on the above five main goals, it is vital that you have an effective strategy for email marketing that is successful.

best tips for mail marketing

How to run a successful email marketing campaign?

In order to control and execute an email marketing campaign successfully, your business requires a reliable mass mailing service provider like Alpha Sandesh, which is an automation service for flexible sending of bulk emails to customers, guarantees deliverability, has a robust SMTP service and secure IPs.

With Alpha Sandesh is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. The 10 important factors that gives you success in email marketing through Alpha Sandesh are listed below:

  1. Synchronise your email lists: It is important that you sync your Gmail contact lists or any other email client with Alpha Sandesh.

  2. Segment email list: It is important you segment your customer email list according to various categories on the basis of sales leads, click-through contacts, no-click contacts, gender based etc.

  3. Create marketing email template: It is better to create multiple email templates based on your segmented email list, so that you can have targeted email campaigns.

  4. Increase email open rates: You can increase email open rates by using captivating subject lines.

  5. Write short content: Write content which is short and sweet. People do not have time to read long emails. Also creating content that connects instantly and widely is a super hit. Always add a clickable call to action words, that takes your reader to your website.

  6. Email Personalization: Personalising your email campaigns by using first name is definitely a thumbs up. Also optimise appealing and attractive images.

  7. Optimized emails: Optimize your emails so that they are easily compatible, responsive and well-designed for mobile phone users, since study by Upland Adestra shows that around 61.9% mobile users opened emails in March 2019 alone, which shows the popularity of open emails using mobile phones.

  8. Keeping up with trending news: Improvising and modifying your email content with trending news shows to your customer that you care about them and keep up-to-date. You can also automate your emails and send emails to customers

  9. Autoresponder emails: Schedule automatic emails for special occasions like birthdays, welcome emails, double opt-in emails, reminder emails etc.

  10. Easy Google Analytics tracking and reporting: Sync with Alpha Sandesh with Google Analytics and get updated statistics about reporting of email open rates, click-through rates, tracking links to your website etc.

The bottom-line of a successful email campaign is to connect with customers in a simple manner and maintain their trust in your brand and business. An email campaign content which uses simple language is way better than a complex email with heavy and over the top words.

Always remember that when you create an email campaign your answer should be a YES if you ask yourself the following question – would you like to receive the email campaign if you were a customer? If your answer is a YES, then you know how successful email marketing can be for your business.

Combine Alpha Sandesh services with Garuda, bulk email sending and marketing software and you get a complete Email Marketing package.

Alpha Sandesh and Garuda services can be used individually or in combination. Both the services are provided by Alpha Infolab, the bulk email marketing company.

Let Alpha Sandesh empower your business to reach ambitious goals and double sales and profits, providing 24/7 excellent customer support. Get started now by viewing our budget-friendly pricing plans.


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