A business that lacks Email Marketing knowledge often gets email frequency wrong and is the larger reason why they give up on it after a while. So, how to get things right? 


Email Marketing Frequency


What is the right frequency of sending out emails? Since, we also provide Email Marketing service through Alpha Sandesh, we have a better answer for you. We have received the best results when we sent out 4-7 emails in a month. 

In this blog we have touched some keys points that Email Marketers employ in Email Marketing FrequencyLet’s take a look at 10 Email Marketing Frequency Best Practices:

  • Choose an Intelligent Bulk Email Sender: 

Many Bulk Mail sender softwares use automation tools to help you create attractive emails using custom templates. You can even easily create a series of emails under each marketing campaign, so that you can send them away at the right time.  

  • Create and send Welcome Emails: 

Welcome Emails are like those people standing outside a store greeting you as soon as you step inside it. You love the attention and even if you don’t, you like their pleasant smile and are instantly compelled to buy something you did not intend to buy (ever experienced that?) So, you get the drift, keep that in mind when creating that welcome email, make it as pleasant and compelling for the reader to continue this relationship with your business. Add a link to your website with products and services to browse, throw in a bonus or discount if they make their first purchase.  

  • Spamming a big put off: 

Your email must not include spammy content, right from the subject line to the entire email content. Avoid using spammy words, it will hit hard on your campaign and eventually your deliverability get hit. Choose a bulk mail services where anti-spam measures are put in place. 

  • Focus on building a list: 

Your focus must be to build a good contact list and not just sending emails without purpose. Hire a good Email Marketer if you are not sure what you are doing. 

  • Add a note for Feedback: 

The second purpose of your email marketing must be to initiate dialogue from your readers in the form of feedback. Otherwise it is just a one- way communication where your readers are able to respond back to you with their queries. 

  • Test, Test and Please Test your emails: 

Doing an A/B testing is the best way to see what your emails are actually doing. Make them Spam-proof and prone to only high click and open rates. Only then your emails frequencies will truly work. 

  • Confirm double opt-ins: 

When a recipient receives your welcome mail, asking them to click on a confirmation link embedded in the email will surely seal the envelope. When the reader clicks on this link, they go to your website’s landing page which means that they have done a double opt-in confirmation. The first confirmation was when they received the welcome email and the second was when they clicked the link. 

  • Offer discounts, freebies, often:

Everyone loves freebies, discounts, bonuses etc., then why not give the same to your readers. These are a great magnet to get your mere readers to become sales leads. 

  • Content is the king:

Ok you must have heard this a lot, but we cannot stress on the fact that it is true. Content is something which makes or breaks a deal, so make sure it is relevant and targeted to the write readers. 

  • Images are the key:

Some emails may not require a lot of content, rather a few good images can do the trick, so make sure you choose an apt image for your emails. 

The series of emails you send can be a mix of all content, all images or a mix of both. It really does not matter. But make sure your emails are not cluttered and have minimal content to convey the message. Long emails are a passé and no one likes to read them unless you are writing a love letter. So, stick to some key points and come straight to the point. 

So, get your thinking cap back on and do your thing. To see the impact of Email frequency work, going with a reputed Bulk mail service provider is the best way forward. 




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